LIMITS continues to EVOLVE!

Covid can’t stop creativity. Artists and creators kept their nose to the grindstone, honing their skills during lockdown. And now It’s time to emerge with more imagination, talent and skill. LIMITS returns to Asia to seek out the best artists in the World’s first NFT integrated art battle championship.



Hong Kong

February 27, 2022 (Sun.)
UCOLLEX YouTube Channel
Grand Prize: $ 5000 USD
Runner up Prize: $ 2500 USD
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January 16, 2022 (Sun.)
Grand Prize: $ 5000 USD
Runner up Prize: $ 2500 USD
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January 21, 2022 (Fri.)
Grand Prize: $ 5000 USD
Runner up Prize: $ 2500 USD
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March 26 (Sat.) & 27 (Sun.)
LIMIT YouTube Channel
Grand Prize: $ 5000 USD
Runner up Prize: $ 2500 USD
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Grand Final


Spring 2022
Grand Prize: $ 50,000 USD
Runner up Prize: $ 10,000 USD



Ready to test your LIMITS?

Regional Tournament Artist Application Process
Applications for the LIMITS ACS22 regional tournaments in Hong Kong, Taiwan and Singapore are now closed.

Who can Apply

Anyone may apply regardless of age, nationality or country of residence. *Applicants must be able to travel to Japan for the LIMITS ACS22 Grand Final.


To apply, fill out the Sign-up Form below and submit a 20-minute video capturing your screen while illustrating & creating an original artwork.


Just like LIMITS battles, the video submissions will be judged not only by the artwork produced, but by the artist’s performance during the creative process.

Criteria for Selection

The submitted artwork and creative process will be judged on the balance of the three criteria below.


Production efficiency, speed, precision and mastery of tools.


Ability to convey the theme, originality, diversity of expression.


The structure of the creative process and degree of completion.

Before submitting, please watch the recording and objectively review your performance. Did the creative process go smoothly? Did the artwork reach the desired level of quality? Is the idea interesting and exciting? Does the concept come across clearly to the audience? After reviewing, record again as many times as necessary and submit the best version.

How To Submit:

  1. Select one of the production themes
    • light + change
    • door + story
    • nature + virtual
  2. Record a 20 minute video of your screen showing the creation of an artwork based on the chosen theme: Sample video is below
  3. Please use an online storage service such as or Dropbox to upload your video.
  4. Submit the video by adding the download URL along with your artist information via the Sign-up Form below.

The submitted 20-minute video must be recorded at 1x speed. All devices, applications and canvas sizes are welcome.

The Fine Print

Eligibility for Entry
There are no restrictions on age, nationality or country of residence. However, the applicant must be able to travel to Japan in order to attend the LIMITS Asian Championship 2022 Grand Final.*

Important Notice
The artworks created by participants and their performance during the tournament will be tokenized and sold as NFTs. Profits generated through NFT sales will be shared with the artists. Further details will be shared with the applicants at qualifying auditions.

Transportation Expenses
All transportation costs to Information & Practice Sessions and regional tournaments shall be borne by the applicant.

※The champion and runner-up of each regional tournament will travel to Japan to compete in the LIMITS Asian Championship 2022 Grand Final. Travel expenses from the site of the regional tournament to the Grand Final will be paid in full by LIMITS.


Create. Evolve. Transcend.


LIMITS engages in a variety of initiatives striving to spread the joy of creativity to as many people as possible around the globe.

Started in Japan in 2015, LIMITS is the first and biggest Digital Art Battle competition in the world. Our community has grown to more than 3000+ artists in Japan alone, and we have hosted 3 world championships with over 500 competing artists. LIMITS strives to drive support for independent artists, and promote creative culture around the world.


A One-on-One Creative Showdown!

LIMITS Battle is a head to head competition between two artists, putting their creative talents under pressure to see who will come out on top. A theme is selected at random and competitors must draw, paint and create their way to victory by creating an original piece in a limited amount of time. Anyone can compete regardless of age, gender or location.

Rules of Battle:
Theme: Two themes are selected at random and then combined to make an original theme for each battle.

Time Limit: 20 minutes.

Judging: Scored by judges and fans in real time under 3 different criteria: Idea, Speed and Technique.


A Thriving Community of Creators

LIMITS has hosted more than 500 artists from 16 different countries across all genres including graphic illustration, mural art, 3D toy design, pixel art, VR art, anime, manga, and more. The battles have brought together artists of all ages, genders and nationalities to test their limits, sparking collaboration and connection in a thriving community that continues to grow.


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